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Institution of Fire Engineers approved

fire safety software

FCS-Live has developed its own unique online Fire Risk Assessment System, specifically designed for any small individual building or large multi site organisation; we provide a vital service for all business owners and managers. All our Assessments are completed by IFE qualified assessors providing priceless peace of mind at a very competitive rate.

Sectors we work with

  • National and International Events - Sporting events, stadiums, exhibitions, concerts and conferences
  • Education - Universities, colleges, schools and nurserys
  • Commercial - Shopping malls, retail chains and food outlets
  • Property - Property/facility/maintenance management, care homes, housing associations, hotels group/independent
  • Office/ Industrial - Offices, factories, multi-sited companies/businesses

...These are just some of the sectors we work with, call 0845 8333 930 now to see how we can help your business!

Our Services

FCS-Live is a vital service for Business Owners, Employers and Managers from both Public and Private sectors. Highly suitable in both multi-sited and individual premises, classed as "Suitable & Sufficient" by every Fire Brigade that has interacted with the FCS-Live System!

Our software system provides you with pragmatic solutions ensuring you are always compliant with the current fire safety legislation.

FCS-Live Risk Management System incorporates;

  • Live & interactive Fire Risk Assessment
  • Automatic email alert system
  • Live interactive Fire Log Book
  • Action Plan of Significant Findings
  • Archives of Remedial Actions
  • Floor Plans
  • Emergency Escape plans
  • Fire Strategy Reports
  • Health and Safety Audits

FCS-Live is an Equal Opportunities Employer