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Case Study

Why a Fire Risk Assessment is so important

The Importance of Fire Doors - 30 v the lives of 60 children!


A Fire Risk Assessment was carried out by FCS-Live which advised that a self-closing device should be fitted to an existing fire door that was constantly left open by staff. This fire door was situated in a corridor, 5 floors up, which formed the only escape route from a nursery housing 60 children and its staff. There were also 40 adults occupying other areas of the building.


The client was very reticent to make any changes, however he was convinced by the FCS-Live Assessor who carried out the Fire Risk Assessment of the importance of this route in the event of a fire and he installed the correct closing device.


Three months later a six month old condenser tumble dryer caught fire inside the laundry room, luckily the fire door was firmly shut due to this new closing device. As you can see the damage to the laundry room was considerable, but the corridor outside the room was unaffected and protected, keeping it smoke free and safe to evacuate all users of the building. The Fire Risk Assessment carried out by FCS-Live could well have saved the lives of many members of the public that day !!

The Importance of Fire Doors This Fire Door held back the fire and smoke long enough to evacuate 60 children and 40 adults. The cause of the fire; a six month old condenser tumble dryer. The damage on the fire side was considerable; the other side of the fire door was safe to pass by users of the building.