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Using our latest “Unique Interactive Fire Safety Software” enables a business to keep up to date, legally compliant and most importantly safe from fire.

  • Our Fire Risk Assessment online service means you can instantly see if your building has outstanding actions or overdue tests and checks which require attention
  • Sends out email alerts keeping the responsible person up to date
  • Allows the responsible person to update their report at any time, whilst creating an audit trail as evidence of managing their fire safety
  • The FCS-Live Fire Risk Assessment complies with current fire regulations throughout the UK and is updated regularly with any new changes in legislation
  • Highly suitable for both multi sited and single sited businesses
  • The FCS Live System is highly commended by all Fire Brigades who have used the system
  • A very comprehensive yet easy to use Fire Risk Assessment Report
  • Annual audits/reviews keep staff and business premises safe
  • FCS-Live assessors are all qualified and very experienced having passed our Institution of Fire Engineers approved Fire Risk Assessors Course
  • FCS-Live are fully insured
  • The FCS-Live System is great value for money
  • When the FCS-Live System is used a 10% insurance discount can be obtained.